Breast cancer symptoms with stomach flu symptoms

Breast cancer symptoms

The breasts or breasts are glands that has the primary function of producing milk. Your lymphatic vessels draining lymph nodes for the armpits, neck and chest. It happens that the breast greater number of malignant tumors in women. Breast cancer is what affects and kills more women worldwide. But if breast cancer symptoms detected early has a good chance of healing. It is therefore very important to realize ALWAYS woman at any age and self breast examination to detect any changes that may be suspect.
breast cancer symptomsTumors in breast cancer symptoms 
It is very important that a woman knows her body very well, especially their breasts. Changes occur throughout life, and during menstruation, but the woman must observe whether these changes are normal or not, because only then can suspect a possible tumor. Breast cancer does not hurt, only at an advanced stage. The woman should be careful, and any lump that had no breasts, armpits, neck and clavicle should be investigated.If the breasts becoming asymmetrical, deformed, it must also be observed as breast cancer symptoms . It can also be retracted with respect. Any liquid that skirt, especially if blood should be investigated. Another breast cancer symptoms is wounded in the breast, most often has unpleasant odor. There is a kind of very aggressive breast cancer, which is inflammatory carcinoma. It causes the breast to swell very fast and gets red and warm. Changes in the color and sensitivity can also be breast cancer symptoms . It is always important to remember that any observed change should be investigated.And that breast cancer is highly curable when discovered early.

Statins may improve survival in inflammatory breast cancer

Managing statins may improve progression-free survival of inflammatory breast cancer . Breast cancer statin administration, medicine used to lower cholesterol, may improve progression-free survival in patients with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC, for its acronym in English), according to research from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Specifically, this study is a continuation of another Dane who reveals that the anti inflammatory properties of statins may reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

stomach flu symptoms Home Remedies if stomach flu symptoms detected.

Home remedies for stomach flu are commonly used to ease the discomfort of stomach problems. By detecting stomach flu symptoms you will feel tired and feverish. One of the best ways to help alleviate the discomfort is consuming hot drinks. Preferably having many drinks electrolytes. Even if the person vomits, it will absorb some of the drink, helping at least a little. Sodium is very good too. If you are looking for home remedies to help cure your stomach flu symptoms , then you've come to the right place in this article you will find some tips to combat your stomach flu symptoms and help speed the healing of stomach flu.

Home remedies for stomach flu symptoms

The following recipes are useful for any type of stomach flu symptoms . The advantage is that we use ingredients you probably have in your kitchen and are very low cost. By consuming these homemade recipes regularly diminishes the impact of infections.Ginger tea helps fight nausea. If you must take medication for pain, take Tylenol. Stay away from ibuprofen and similar. These products will only make you upset your stomach even more.

Recipe to alleviate the nausea caused by Influenza

To relieve nausea, cumin drink tea three times a day. To make this tea, mix 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds and a cup of boiling water. Then cover the bowl and let stand for ten minutes and then strain.Drinking while you keep warm this drink is one of the most effective homemade recipes for nausea caused by flu.Once you have been relieved nausea, can eat solid foods again. But be sure to choose foods that are easily digested and are not loaded with condiments and other flavor additives. The best choices are wheat, rice, cereals and potatoes. Try to focus on the healthy food groups. Do not forget to eat fruits. Apples are excellent, whether baked applesauce. Apples help to eliminate intestinal mucosa.
Liquids are very important. Best to drink are water, tea, ginger ale, apple juice and chicken broth. You should try to stay away from coffee, as this may cause irritation.

Another home remedy for stomach flu symptoms

Put 3 eucalyptus leaves in hot water, mix with honey and a squeeze of lemon and drink it while it is warm slowly to relieve the flu, helps relieve throat and stomach pain, it is recommended to drink it when it is resting.

How can we prevent the stomach flu food ?

Influenza is a disease affecting the airways that presents gargantuan pain weakness, muscle aches, stomach aches, joint and headache, cough, malaise and fever. Some episodes of flu can worsen causing pneumonia in the patient.Influenza is a disease that is transmitted through droplets in virus-laden aerosol that are emitted by coughing or sneezing, through speech and blood.

But how can we prevent this disease ?
Proper and careful hand hygiene as this disease, as noted above, is spread through contact with the mouth, nose and eyes. Always wash your hands often enough because in our day to day we played a lot of objects that may contain viruses. As for the stomach flu food must be greater caution: you wash food before you go to eat. Avoid enclosed areas with many people. Consume certain foods that will protect you against the stomach flu food such as foods rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.If you suffered from  stomach flu food avoid consuming too many antibiotics as this can cause the opposite effect by making the virus resistant to you. The smokers are likely to be infected with influenza because nicotine down our defenses. Following these tips can prevent getting infected , but there are certain people who are more prone to this disease, so you should see your doctor early autumn to recommend what action to take to avoid having stomach flu food.
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