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The arrival of walgreens pharmacy  and  walgreens clinic

A bittersweet medicine: The arrival of walgreens pharmacy  and  walgreens clinic has divided the community .There was never a walgreens clinic or walgreens pharmacy in Boyle Heights before last July. Since it is the first store of this type, everyone wonders how walgreens pharmacy and  walgreens clinic will affect his arrival to the neighborhood. Some community members fear that large retailers end up with local businesses, while others receive with joy the changes that are occurring in the neighborhood. Until recently, Boyle Heights residents were totally dependent on small local shops and pharmacies for all your needs, from drugs to retailers frequently used items. This often meant visiting several small shops for all products that had scored on their list. walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy competes with area businesses, as customers can find a wide range of products and do all your shopping at that store. The walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy is located in the popular runner Cesar Chavez Avenue, along which many pedestrians. The crowded windows of the small shops on the street have changed over the decades, as different ethnic groups are making their mark. Before walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy store was inaugurated in July, that estate was occupied by Big Buy Foods since 1962. That business selling different kinds of meat, fruit and vegetables and often used items for the home. Residents without transportation are very convenient. Today, the silent automatic sliding doors, sand-colored walls and printed posters that greet customers replaced the raucous cumbia music heard on Big Buy weekly specials and hand painted in bright mirrors.Not all members of the community are happy with this change. Some residents are questioning why your neighborhood supermarket became a pharmacy, where Boyle Heights and has two private pharmacies in the area. Carmen Fuentes, 73, who lives near the new walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy store said sternly: "There, other stores are not needed".Less than two blocks from walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy , there is a houses the Botica del Sol Pharmacy and Ramirez, who have over 30 years of community service.

 walgreens clinic and walgreens pharmacy


Dr. Michael Ramirez, Ramirez pharmacy owner.
The father of Michael Ramirez Ramirez Pharmacy opened at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Soto Street in the late 1970s. Ramirez says that what differentiates your business from walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy is personalized attention. "When customers visit us," says Michael Ramirez. "We greet you by name. They feel that love when they come. There are nothing but a number. Are customers. " Fuentes, who orders her husband drugs in the pharmacy Ramirez, agrees. "I come and greet me, almost as if it came to a house where you meet all the people," he says.But not everyone appreciates the personalized and relationship of many years ago that local pharmacies provide."Yes, it is good to know the pharmacist, but sometimes we need is a fast," says Joaquin Castellanos, who enjoys the widest range of products offered by walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy . He says the smaller pharmacies can not meet their needs in the same way.As the big chain stores are rare in the community of Boyle Heights, when we open a store like this, it changes the way that residents do their shopping and experience the neighborhood. Some community members fear that large stores complete with local merchants, while others receive with joy the changes that are occurring in the neighborhood.William Hasbun, owner of Botica del Sol, admits that small local pharmacies like yours can not offer everything they offer large stores. "We can not offer coupons for $ 25 off for transfers (prescription drugs)," he says. walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy also offers services that small pharmacies can not provide, such as flu shots inexpensive, coupons for prescription drugs and mobile applications that allow people refill their prescriptions more easily.Although walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy opened a few months ago, Hasbun and feels the economic impact.Beyond that customers continue to show loyalty to small businesses and family or shop at the big chains, walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy spokesman said that the option can benefit the whole community.

walgreens clinic and walgreens pharmacy

Robert Elfinger, a spokesman for the company which is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, said in an email that the presence of walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy increase trade in the community. "Investment in Boyle Heights Walgreens will give more reasons for consumers to visit the area, and in turn, this will benefit local businesses," he said. One of the smaller rivals of walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy initially agreed. At first, Michael Ramirez, owner of Ramirez Pharmacy, Walgreens saw the inauguration of a "rebirth" and said he would push in a positive direction. "I had trusted too after being here [more than] 30 years," said Ramirez. "There came a change. I have to make things better. " But recent events have made Ramirez considers Walgreens in other terms. Walgreens shows a photograph of the deceased father of Michael, Eddie Ramirez, who founded Ramirez Pharmacy. And Ramirez says the walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy sign that welcomes customers Ramirez First Pharmacy has generated confusion among customers.The sign caused controversy by saying "walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy welcomes customers Ramirez First Street".

walgreens clinic and walgreens pharmacy

Michael Ramirez thinks walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy is "trying to intentionally confuse customers of Boyle Heights" and seeks to use "very low level strategies to achieve capture some of Ramirez Pharmacy customers." Walgreens said that the poster does not refer to Michael Ramirez pharmacy the old pharmacy but his brother Robert, called First Ramirez, which closed in September after Robert Ramirez sold the database walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy customers. Robert Ramirez works as a pharmacist at the Walgreens store in Boyle Heights. Armedáriz Caesar, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Boyle Heights, believes that walgreens clinic and  walgreens pharmacy can help to reinvent Boyle Heights to create a more diverse business environment and create more jobs. But understand that the success of Walgreens may be "at the expense of small businesses." While some believe that small pharmacies can not compete with the chain stores, the CEO of the California Pharmacists Association, Jon Roth, said that in recent years has seen an increase in the number of independent pharmacies. "The future is alive for them," he says. "And it's actually pretty good." Anyway, Roth notes that independent pharmacies must adapt in order to continue working. "If only the former dependent drug supply, they will be very difficult to survive," he says. "The pharmacy chains are expanding service levels and types of service in the community."
Michael Ramirez thinks remodel his shop and is creating a new marketing plan. He remains optimistic about the future of his business and says: "34 years ago we are here and will continue to be here for many, many years."

What is SOPA?

SOPA is an acronym that stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. That means as much as: Law to curb online piracy. This concerns above all to copyright infringement. Copyright violations are committed, you illegally downloading music or movies from the Internet. And the operation of web sites contain such files, or sites that provide illegal downloadable files are illegal. The Stop Online Piracy Act to allow the U.S. Justice Department as a law far-reaching interventions in the Internet.

What's happened so far with SOPA ?
what is sopa blackout
SOPA is currently a bill the U.S. government. This advise the House as to whether the law is passed. A decision is still pending. Therefore, the demonstrations against it.

What could happen if the law goes into effect?

SOPA comes into force, could the U.S. Justice Department or authorized by copyright owners organs have websites offline and they can thus also disappear from search engines. The German Wikipedia writes: "The downloading illegal files would be a serious crime."

What are the different positions?

Those who support SOPA, saying that the law ultimately protects intellectual property. A law of this magnitude with the fear of prosecution would certainly discourage many operators illegal websites. Also the users of these sites would discourage it. The supporters includes especially large media companies and advocacy groups such as the MPAA and RIAA. The A is the union of film producers and distributors, and the other is the association of the music industry. Opponents fear denunciation on the Internet because Internet providers who report illegal content, guaranteed impunity. Also approved were the interventions in the Internet is too far reaching and would equal censorship. A freedom of expression under the Act can not be granted. Among the opponents of SOPA include big names like Yahoo, Google, Facebook and eBay.

What is  SOPA blackout? - SOPA, PIPA or blackout - these concepts to arise at the moment anywhere in the network. What does that mean? The Stop Online PiracyAct (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) are two bills being negotiated at the moment in the United States. Both bills are driven primarily from the business community, with the goal of an aging in the years Copyright intended to verteidigen.So by all Internet service providers all content over them run actively monitor various content, search engine results, or even links to u U . to criminal acts. In short, SOPA and PIPA would be the free internet as we know, the lives of exchange, creativity and freedom of today morning in a tightly controlled desert transform where each link, each file or text to write the one that reads or continue sending the fear tainted, is to be prosecuted.

In consequence, there was a real protest movement in the network, organized on various websites and * SOPA Blackout Days "exclaimed where many websites temporarily suspend its operations and a taste deliver on the internet that we can expect with SOPA and PIPA
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