Review of samsung galaxy note 2 with chrome os and google docs

Samsung Galaxy Note II: the giant Android just got better
The reviews of the Samsung galaxy note 2 already arrived. The first Samsung galaxy note was an unexpected success, but Samsung seems ready to repeat the dose, betting on specifications and a design more humans. What are the views of those who wore the Samsung galaxy note 2? Read on to find out.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Design 

Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Engadget

With 80.5 x 151.1 x 9.4 mm, the Note II is a bit thinner, narrower and taller than his older brother. This, along with the format of pebble, definitely offers a more comfortable experience when you hold it in your hand, despite being a little heavier (180g). Despite being more attractive than the first note, yet he is an undeniably great player, and will continue to draw attention for that reason.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge

At first glance, the Note II offers you an entire building in plastic and brightly, surrounded by a chrome edge unsubtle. There is no way around it: the materials that Samsung used here seem cheap. But do not let this discourage you, because the ergonomics and durability are very good here.

  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Screen
 samsung galaxy note 2
So how is the screen? In a word: stunning. Thanks to the Super AMOLED technology that Samsung uses, the screen is not only bright strongly as provides incredibly rich colors and crisp blacks in a strong contrast ratio.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge

Although no longer use the standard RGBG PenTile subpixel arrangement, the Note II does not have identically sized three subpixels per pixel - he just swapped the green for extra extra blue ... Another disadvantage recurrent AMOLED panels is a strong tone of blue the images displayed, which is quite apparent in the Galaxy Note II ... On the positive side, the AMOLED is bright and alive, offers very good viewing angles, and reaches unparalleled levels of color saturation.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Camera
 samsung galaxy note 2
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge
Given that the camera was a strong point in the Galaxy S III is not surprising that the Note II produces crisp, detailed well consistently. Photos in close-up are particularly pleasing, with the autofocus working quickly and background earning a handsome appearance of blur.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Engadget
The Note II has additional features not yet offered in GS III ... First, it has a new way "best face": it takes five photos of the group and allows you to choose the best faces. This is useful if Bob flashes in the first photo, and Julie making a strange face in the second - just take the best of each person and collect everything. There is also a new mode of "low light", which as the name implies, is designed to provide better performance in this arena.Apart from these new features, you will find the same list of configurations present in GS III, as HDR (with strong and normal settings, there is a choice in GS III), panorama, very scene modes, sequential shots, macro focus, balance white, ISO, metering and exposure adjustment.
The video, in turn, is captured at up to 1080p Full HD with the rear camera is front or, another good brand and highlight the Note II. There is no motion blur even in fast-moving scenes, and Note II can deal with fairly low light, without much noise or graining. It also captures stereo audio.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Stylus
For the new Note II, the pen has been revised. Now she is thicker and longer than the previous version (though it fits perfectly within the body of the cell), and the tip has a new coat kinder to the screen, which resembles more a ballpoint pen when you write. The difference in width makes a difference for comfort, despite the button - that can be used to open submenus command, depending on the application - still requires a bit of getting used to.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Engadget
The Note II not only brings improvements to existing features, but also brings a set of new features that make the device even more tempting than the previous model. Even the button itself was updated: you can now hold him while drawing gestures on the screen to access resources such as command tool and some other fast navigation skills.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge
I admit I did not think much about using the S Pen in my first few hours with the Galaxy Note II, but once I started playing with it, I ended up using it more and more. On several occasions I even chose to write a text message instead of typing it - which is due both to the ease of use of the pen, as the handwriting recognition improved from Samsung.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Software
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Engadget

The Galaxy Note II is Samsung's first device to debut with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1 to be exact). All new and improved features of the OS were inserted into the interface TouchWiz ... It also includes several new services that Sammy had the Galaxy S III, as Stay Smart, S Voice Cast AllShare and S Beam ... The TouchWiz on Jelly Bean is not different from the experience you had in Ice Cream Sandwich - Samsung, as you might expect, want to keep the user experience as consistent as possible.
[The Galaxy Note II has] the function of adjusting the keyboard to use with one hand: you can narrow it down and push it to the left or right of the device, making it easier to play with your thumb while you hold Note II with the same hand. It's an interesting approach, and it worked reasonably well, although the size of the device means that it requires some balance to avoid knock him out of his hand. Like the Galaxy Note 10.1, Note 2 is capable of displaying two applications side by side on the screen. For example, it allows you to leave the Chrome browser open - perhaps in search of food - while you are looking for both its location in Maps ... At the moment there are not many applications that can take advantage of it - but essentials like Facebook, Google Chrome, Twitter, YouTube and Maps are there - but is more likely to deem applications support it if it becomes a standard feature on all handsets from Samsung.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Performance
 samsung galaxy note 2We had high expectations for the performance of the Note II, and reality did not disappoint. The day-to-day is smooth and without lag, able to handle any application that could lie down. In terms of raw numbers, we saw a score of 5908 in Quadrant and 1829 on HTML5 tests Vellamo 2 of 635 in its testing and Metal, while SunSpider was in 1044.7ms. In short, this is one of the fastest and most Androids fluids that exist.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge
The rapid response in Note II extends to everything you do, whether traversing endless lists of contacts or browsing through Gmail messages. It's really hard to "overdo" this device and force it to produce any kind of lag ... Overall, the Galaxy Note II offers the user experience more fluid in Android I have ever experienced, leaving him on a par with the excellent iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Battery
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge
Judging by patterns of smartphone, the Galaxy Note II offers excellent battery life. Two days of regular use in 3G are a perfectly reasonable expectation in this device. After a journey of 30 hours with him - involving synchronization with Gmail, web browsing, several links, a few pictures and video playback - I got 68% charge remaining in the battery.Conclusion
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : Engadget
It is a bit expensive, but for good reason: it offers the best performance on the market, an experience that makes the S Pen predecessor eat dust, a solid operating system in the form of Jelly Bean, and many other features that make this a tempting offer even for those with smaller hands.
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 : The Verge
The commercial success of the Galaxy Note came as a surprise, however, the same is not true for the Galaxy Note II. She represents the best marriage possible lineage Note and technology from Samsung in 2012, and is likely to consolidate the company's position as the best Korean manufacturer of Android devices.

Google Chrome OS: Google Operating System

 Google Chrome OS 
The announcement of Google Chrome OS was made in a post on Google's official blog. Created with the Linux kernel and almost nothing else, the operating system will superenxuto, tailor-made to run the Chrome browser (and probably Google Gears). Apparently, users will run all applications within the browser.The Chrome OS netbooks will begin appearing in the coming year. Because they have less powerful hardware, they ask for a more simple and lightweight. Will be the first line of attack from Google to Microsoft, which was already certain that Windows 7 would dominate this market. The Mountain View company, in entano denies this intention. "It is an operating system designed for this day," said Felix Ximenes, communications director for Google Brazil, told a news conference on Wednesday (8). "Nowadays people spend much more time on their computers than doing other online activities."Since the code is open, nothing prevents the Chrome OS gains more features, go to run software other than the browser, and become complex enough to compete on equal footing with Windows and even Ubuntu and other Linux distributions with focus on the end user."We are completely redesigning the security architecture so that users do not have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. Simply should work, "executives said Google official blog.
New malware in Windows 8 is transmitted via Google Docs !

Google DocsThe Windows 8 can prevent most malware without any specialized software than the tools included, but there is still malware that "passes" the tools of Microsoft.Detected a new variant of a Trojan, the Trojan.Dropper, and spreads through file RTF and Microsoft Word called Backdoor.Makadocs, which aims not only functional Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 but also uses Google Docs as a proxy server for to communicate with the control center.The Symantec believes that malicious software has been updated properly by the developer and includes features for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, but does not perform a specific action (yet). This is not a surprise, as both of these operating systems released just a month ago, is particularly popular and cyber-criminals act quickly enough. However, the most interesting part is the addition of Google Docs in the equation. The Backdoor.Makadocs gathers information from the infected computer (such as the computer name and the type of operating system) and then receives and executes commands from the server control for causing additional damage.To do this, the malware authors decided to "exploit" the Google Docs to ensure the seamless movement of data. As the Google Docs service is becoming increasingly popular and allow businesses to communicate with through firewalls with, we have to admit that this method is a very smart move.O why this whole process is functional is that Google Docs includes an "viewer" which retrieves information from another URL and displays, enabling the user to have access to a wide range of file types from within the program browser. Violating the terms we use Google, the Backdoor.Makadocs uses this function to gain access to the authentication servers and encrypts the connection with HTTPS in the hope that it will be discovered by Google Docs."H Google is able to prevent such connections using a firewall", says Symantec. Since the document contains no vulnerable functions (based on regular social engineering) is unlikely to be able to do something besides Google is participating in a game of cat - mouse with the authors of malicious software.Google spokesman said: "By using any product on Google for malicious purposes is a violation of the terms of use of our products. Would investigate the matter and take appropriate action when we take cognizance of such abuse." 
Review of samsung galaxy note 2 with chrome and google docs
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